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SKONEX ltd. Niš company deals in import and distribution on the Serbian market. Since 2001. (11 years) we are importers and distributors of leading manufacturers of health food and chemical products.
We have extensive experience in dealing with the biggest retail systems in Serbia, such as Idea, Mercator, Veropulos, Delheze, Metro, Univerexport, DM, and others, as well as wholesalers.
We recently became general importers and dealers of reputable Western European manufacturers of health food "EMCO", "DRUID", "SEMIX" from the Czech Republic and "Prestige 96" from Bulgaria.
We own a newly built high-quality warehouse space in Niš with all warehouse equipment, vehicles, and commercial space. We are available to all interested parties who would like to cooperate with us.

Prestige 96 - products catalog

Emco - products catalog

Druid - products catalog

Semix - products catalog

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Prestige biscuits and Protein Energy bars
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Oatmeal - a delicious meal for breakfast or lunch
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Gluten free müsli - more different flavors
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Crunchy Müsli - family packs
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Maple Syrup - standard flavor as well as with flavors of blueberries and cranberries
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Gluten-free and protein pulps Semix
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