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SKONEX ltd. Niš company deals in import and distribution on the Serbian market. Since 2001. (11 years) we are importers and distributors of leading manufacturers of health food and chemical products.
We have extensive experience in dealing with the biggest retail systems in Serbia, such as Idea, Mercator, Veropulos, Delheze, Metro, Univerexport, DM, and others, as well as wholesalers.
We recently became general importers and dealers of reputable Western European manufacturers of health food "EMCO", "DRUID", "SEMIX" from the Czech Republic and "Prestige 96" from Bulgaria.
We own a newly built high-quality warehouse space in Niš with all warehouse equipment, vehicles, and commercial space. We are available to all interested parties who would like to cooperate with us.

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Maple syrup

Maple syrup is obtained from the sap of Canadian “sugar” maples (Acer saccharum) growing mainly in the Canadian province of Quebec. Those unique maples grow only in the north-eastern part of North America and achieve a height of 30 m and trunk diameter of 90 cm during 250 years of their life.
At present, maple syrup is popular almost all over the world. The Canadians and Americans love it on waffles and pancakes. The Germans add it to müsli, the Australians put small quantities on grapefruits, the Belgians sweeten their coffee with it, the Californians pour the syrup over ice cream and people from the Arabian world mingle it with yoghurt.
Additionally to direct use at home, maple syrup finds also wide application in a lot of food-processing branches, particularly in production of sweets, sweet bakery products and desserts, but also in preparation of different meals, in production of liqueurs and hard drinks.
Maple syrup attracts a lot of consumers because it is 100% natural, pure, it does not contain any chemical ingredients or artificial sweeteners.
Volume: 250ml
Best before: 36 months

Other kinds:
- Cranberry-maple syrup, Blueberry-maple syrup
- Blueberry-maple syrup – blend of excellent blueberry taste with unique pure maple syrup

Blueberry-maple syrup is purely natural product from Canada, without any artificial colourants or aromas added. The blueberry taste is refined by pure maple syrup. The juice of wildly growing blueberries is used for the syrup production. Blueberries, particularly their wildly growing kinds, contain antioxidants helping to reduce cancer risk. Blueberry-maple syrup suits particularly as icing over ice cream, pancakes, yoghurt, cakes, or it can give extraordinary taste of blueberries and maple syrup to other specialties.
Composition: concentrated cane juice 85%, blueberry concentrate 10%, pure maple syrup 5%.

Cranberry-maple syrup – blend of excellent cranberry taste with unique pure maple syrup. Cranberry-maple syrup is purely natural product from Canada, without any artificial colourants or aromas added. The real cranberry taste is refined by the pure maple syrup added. Cranberries constitute a source of antioxidants, i.e. substances with well-known effects on human health. They are beneficial particularly to the cardiovascular and immunity system. Cranberries contain also significant quantities of benzoic acid and vitamin C. Cranberry-maple syrup is used as icing over ice creams, pancakes, yoghurt, roasted turkey, or it can give pleasant cranberry and maple taste and aroma to other specialties.
Composition: concentrated cane juice 85%, cranberry concentrate 10%, pure maple syrup 5%.

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